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Articolele de genul Do It Yourself sunt foarte populare, deoarece aduc un număr mare de vizualizări. Creative Ad are o experiență vastă în scrierea articolelor Do It Yourself, atât în limba română, cât și în limba engleză.

În continuare, vă invităm să citiți câteva exemple de articole Do It Yourself. Sunt în limba engleză, dar vă asigurăm de aceeași calitate înaltă și în limba română! Articolele de mai jos, la fel ca și multe altele scrise de Creative Ad au fost publicate în reviste online pentru femei, din Statele Unite ale Americii.

  1. How to curl your hair with no heat implied!

We all know that using a lot of heat when styling our hair can cause damages on a long term. On the other hand, curls are one of the sexiest and most seductive hairstyles ever and it seems that without some powerful heat, achieving them is actually impossible. Meaning, how to curl your hair without an electrical curler or straightner or at least those pre-heated curlers that you have to bear all night long?Ladies, Womens-Diary has all the answers! We’ll tell you how to curl your hair without heat, so that you don’t damage it at all!

Elastic hair band. Bet you didn’t know about this method, did you? Here is how to curl your hair with an elastic hair band: spray some saline solution on your wet hair, brush it and put the hair band on your head as always. Start rolling hair strand by hair strand onto the band. After finishing rolling the wet hair on the band, wait for it to dry naturally. Take the hair band carefully out of your hair and use your fingers to arrange the fresh curls!

Beachy waves. Now this is a trendy hairdo and you don’t need any accessories for doing it. Here is how to curl your hair for the sexiest beachy waves ever: damp your hair lightly and apply a fixing serum on to it. Brush your hair in a ponytail and, using your hands, twist it as much and tight as possible, until you get a topknot. Fix it with hair band and leave the hair dry naturally. Carefully free your hair and arrange the curls.

Thread. Yeah, yeah, thread! Here is how to curl your hair with thread: mohair would be ideal, because it is thicker. Damp your hair and spray some fixative on it. Brush it thoroughly and start rolling hair strand by hair strand on your fingers, while fixing each of them with thread. Repeat the procedure until the whole hair is fixed. It may last longer the first time you do it, but you’ll get the hang of it in time.

Now that you know how to curl your hair with no heat, rush up and try all these methods until you find the one that suits you and is easier for you to perform!

2. Small wedding ideas for the perfect intimate celebration!

When you think about weddings, it doesn’t mandatorily mean it must be like a celebrity’s one, with 500 guests, exquisite foods and castles as the location. A small wedding can be even more charming and intimate if you organise it correctly. Womens-Diary brings you some of the coolest small wedding ideas so that in the end, this is for real the happiest day in your life!

  1. Establish a budget. Any small wedding ideas you might have, they require some money. See how much you can spend on your small wedding ideas and distribute the funds. Download a wedding planner to make things easier.
  2. Choose the right location. Usually, a small wedding comprises up to 30 guests. A garden, a beautiful backyard are just two examples of such locations. Remember that all the small wedding ideas presume the idea of intimacy.
  3. Create the menu. Forget about the fancy weddings where 7-10 dishes are served. Who eats as much? 3-4 exquisite and tasty recipes are just enough.
  4. One of the most practical small wedding ideas is to consider your guests’ tastes when it comes to choosing the music. Since they are some of your closest friends and relatives, have the DJ play all of your and their favourites.
  5. Have a thematic wedding. You can add some personality to your special day by picking a theme for it. And since your wedding is pretty intimate, all the thematic small wedding ideas will cost you less than a big wedding! So take advantage of this!
  6. Come up with fun activities for your guests! Since having a small wedding is like a big family reunion, it will be fun to have some games played all together! Browse the web for such fun small wedding ideas and pick up some that you like best!

And, the most important of all the small wedding ideas is that you think “Relaxation”! You are lucky enough to have no strangers or little known people around you on this special day; it’s just you and your dear ones. So relax and enjoy this beautiful day!

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