Articole SEO Despre Planificarea Nuntii

logo-creativeadZiua nunții este una dintre cele mai memorabile zile din viața oricărui om. Cu siguranță, articolele despre planificarea nuntii sunt astăzi una dintre sursele primare de inspirație.

Dacă conduceți o afacere în domeniul dat sau aveți un website/blog despre lifestyle, planificare nuntii este un subiect imperativ de abordat. Astfel, veniți mai aproape de publicul țintă a dumneavoastră – adica oricine interesat de planificarea nuntii.

Vă prezentăm câteva mostre de articole scrise de CreativeAd despre planificarea nuntii pentru un website despre lifestyle internațional. Articolele pot fi scrise atât în limba română, cât și/sau limba engleză.


Exemple articole despre planificarea nuntii:


  1. Traditional wedding vows – tips on making writing them easier!

When it comes to writing the traditional wedding vows, you may feel kind if discouraged. How to express all that love and trust you feel towards your future husband in some words, so that he truly understands how much he means to you?

Transforming all that love into written traditional wedding vows, written in your own words is one of the greatest gifts you could ever offer to your future husband. But it seems like your hands and thoughts aPlanificarea Nuntiire blocked the moment you start writing them.

No need to worry; Womens-Diary has some great tips on writing beautiful traditional wedding vows!

Make sure it is all allowed

Before starting writing the traditional wedding vows, make sure the priest of the church allows using your own vows. Even the most tolerant priest will want to read what you have written before the ceremony.

Make a plan

Your future husband and you must be on the same wavelength. Whether you are writing them together or by yourself, make sure you show your traditional wedding vows to each other before the ceremony or at least talk about them having a unique structure.

Cut down the length

Establish a length and respect it. As important as it seems to you to write detailed traditional wedding vows, where you describe all your feelings, keep it short and reduced to the essential. Any speech longer than 1 minute will bore the guests, as wonderful as it may be!

Prepare yourself for writing

What will you write about in your traditional wedding vows? Answer yourself some questions which will set you in the right direction: What did you think when you saw him for the first time? When have you realized that you are in love? How has he changed your life? What has he taught you? What can you promise him? Why do you want to marry him? How do you see your future life together?

Yes, writing your own traditional wedding vows is a very emotional moment, but as long as you keep it simple and sincere, there is no way you could ever go wrong with it!


  1. Wedding music ideas depending on the couple’s personality

Music is a very important part of your wedding party, that is why you should be searching for wedding music ideas at least a couple of months before the big day. If a few years ago all the wedding music ideas could have been reduced to the banal waltz, nowadays the traditions have changed and the newlyweds graciously combine the modern with the classic.

Here is what you should focus your wedding music ideas on:

  • Choose a song or a collage of songs that would fit into the wedding theme
  • Consider those wedding ideas that you and your partner both agree on
  • Choose a choreography that is not too complicated for either of you and consider your wedding outfits, as well
  • Settle with those wedding music ideas that express your couple’s personality and that highlight the love between you.

Here is what wedding music ideas suit each type of couple:

The romantic couple – you can see the feelings between them without even knowing they’re together. They are both balanced and loving. This couple surely has already a song of theirs. Here are some wedding music ideas that would characterize this couple perfectly

“You Are My First, My Last, My Everything” Barry White
“Our Love Is Here To Stay” Billie Holiday
“You Are My Special Angel” Bobby Helms
“Heaven” Bryan Adams

The traditional couple – the classics suit them most, while the waltz will emphasize their luxurious tastes. With a beautiful love story, here are the best songs for them:

“Fascination” Nat King Cole, 1957
“Take It To The Limit” Eagles, 1975
“When I Say I Do” Clint Black, 1999
“Come Away With Me” Norah Jones, 2002

The modern couple – they are up to date with everything, so the wedding music ideas for them must be some international fresh hits, like:

Def Leppard Pour Some Sugar On Me
B-52’s Love Shack
Bon Jovi Livin’ On A Prayer
If you are having a big party, you should take into account how the guests might react to some nonconformist wedding music ideas of yours. What other songs do you think are perfect for a beautiful wedding? Write them down in the comments below!


  1. Small wedding ideas for the perfect intimate celebration!

When you think about weddings, it doesn’t mandatorily mean it must be like a celebrity’s one, with 500 guests, exquisite foods and castles as the location. A small wedding can be even more charming and intimate if you organise it correctly. Womens-Diary brings you some of the coolest small wedding ideas so that in the end, this is for real the happiest day in your life!

  1. Establish a budget. Any small wedding ideas you might have, they require some money. See how much you can spend on your small wedding ideas and distribute the funds. Download a wedding planner to make things easier.
  2. Choose the right location. Usually, a small wedding comprises up to 30 guests. A garden, a beautiful backyard are just two examples of such locations. Remember that all the small wedding ideas presume the idea of intimacy.
  3. Create the menu. Forget about the fancy weddings where 7-10 dishes are served. Who eats as much? 3-4 exquisite and tasty recipes are just enough.
  4. One of the most practical small wedding ideas is to consider your guests’ tastes when it comes to choosing the music. Since they are some of your closest friends and relatives, have the DJ play all of your and their favourites.
  5. Have a thematic wedding. You can add some personality to your special day by picking a theme for it. And since your wedding is pretty intimate, all the thematic small wedding ideas will cost you less than a big wedding! So take advantage of this!
  6. Come up with fun activities for your guests! Since having a small wedding is like a big family reunion, it will be fun to have some games played all together! Browse the web for such fun small wedding ideas and pick up some that you like best!

And, the most important of all the small wedding ideas is that you think “Relaxation”! You are lucky enough to have no strangers or little known people around you on this special day; it’s just you and your dear ones. So relax and enjoy this beautiful day!


Pentru mostre adiționale de articole despre planificarea nuntii sau orice alt domeniu, rugăm să ne contactați în privat și noi vom colabora cu drag!

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