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  1. Extreme tourism destinations – three most isolated places in the worldIn a world when the developed means of transportations allow crossing entire continents in a matter of hours, you could hardly imagine that there are places that the human being cannot reach whenever he or she wants to. This is what makes this places desired extreme tourism destinations, which revives the adventurous spirit and makes people want to conquer them.Womens-Diary brings you top 3 of the most extreme tourism destinations, so if you want to risk it all, start packing!

    Motuo, China

    This is one of the most isolated extreme tourism destinations, being considered the one last zone in China where there are no streets or roads. Reaching this location itself represents an adventure, this being a Tibetan region that hasn’t been touched by the modern world, yet. The route includes kilometres trough icy areas of Himalaya, a suspended bridge and bumpy fields. Nevertheless, this is one of the extreme tourism destinations that, once reached, make everything worth it. Motuo is a genuine heaven for the nature lovers, since at least 10% of all the Chinese plants can be found there.

    The Pitcairn Island

    If there is one region on earth that can be called the winner among the extreme tourism destinations, than this is the Pitcairn Island. This name became known everywhere after the publishing of Sir John Barrow’s book that describes the adventures of HMS Bounty’ crew. There is no airport there and the only way to get there is on water, with a trip that lasts at least 10 days.

    Alert, Canada

    This is the most Nordic location among the extreme tourism destinations, that is permanently inhabited by people. Of course, the living conditions are extreme and the inhabitants are science people, researchers and representatives of the Canadian army. The medium temperature is approximately -40 degrees, and there is no airport there because of the extreme weather conditions.

    So if you ever want to risk everything, go visit any of these extreme tourism destinations for the adventure of your life. Have you ever visited any extreme tourism destinations? Share your experience with us in the comments below!

2. Things to do in Alaska

There are over 1.5 million tourists travelling to Alaska yearly, all of them attracted by its grandeur, history and, as surprising as it may seem, variety of things to do in Alaska. Planning a trip to this destination might turn into a real challenge, especially for the first time tourists. So, before thinking of all the marvellous things to do in Alaska, you should think about getting there first.

Womens-Diary has some suggestions about that and about the most extraordinary things to in Alaska.

Most of the tourists visit Alaska in the period between May and September, when the medium temperatures vary between 10 and 21 degrees. If you plan on taking long walks among other things to do in Alaska, than you should go there in August, when the ground is dry and the insects don’t bother you too much.

Nevertheless, due to the fact that watching the Northern lights is one of the most popular things to do in Alaska, don’t completely exclude the winter season from your agenda. Aside from watching the Northern lights, you could also participate in any of the famous winter festivals or travel with the ferry-boat.

Among the coolest things to do in Alaska, visiting the Inside Passage might be one if the greatest ideas. This is a long passage of islands logged between them, which connect the continental USA with the continental Alaska. It is filled with touristic attractions, like watching the wild life, the Natural Reservation and Park Glacier Bay, with not less than 16 glaciers.

If you are looking for cognitive from the historical point of view things to do in Alaska, you should definitely visit the Skagway city, with a rich history of legends of gold hunters and symbols of the Russian culture.

Don’t forget to pass a visit to Anchorage on your list with things to do in Alaska. Visit the Kenai island, with its fishing metropolis – Homer and the National Park Kenai Fjords, which looks like a sneak peek into the Ice Age.

Oh, and do visit the Nome city, filled with history and the Kotzebue location, where you will find approximately 3500 Eskimos living there.

Most of the things to do in Alaska are possible only if you take the plane to get there and bring all the must-haves for surviving such a trip or have a tour operator organise your journey. What other cool touristic attractions do you know in Alaska? Write them down in the comments below!


3. Things to do in Jerusalem for a memorable trip!

The Holy Land is one of the most remarkable and full of energy locations ever, so it surely must be visited by everybody at least once in their lives. There are so many interesting things to do in Jerusalem, that without properly organising your vacation, you could get lost in all those activities.

Womens-Diary brings you a useful tutorial on the most important things to do in Jerusalem, so that your vacation ends up memorable and beautiful!

Pick the season

Before actually planning the things to do in Jerusalem, you should think about the time of your visit. If you choose the Easter Holidays period, you may find a place to stay more difficult than in the other times of the year. Also, the touristic attractions will be crowded.

Have a touristic guide.

You can buy it in any local library and it will describe all the important things to do in Jerusalem, starting with placed to visit, restaurant and hotels.

The outfits

With so many things to do in Jerusalem and considering that it is a holy land, you should focus on decent and comfortable clothes. This is especially available if you are planning on religiously-related things to do in Jerusalem, so make sure you have your shoulders covered and a lower than the knees skirt.

Touristic destinations

It will be easy for you to find things to do in Jerusalem, since it is one of the most popular locations in turism. Make sure you visit the Church of All Nations, the Garden of Gethsemane, the Israel Museum and the Holy City. Making a wish at the Western Wall is one of the most important things to do in Jerusalem, along with visiting Via Dolorosa and the Olive Mount. Most of these attractions are free to admire and visit, so you will not be spending so much money on this trip.

Talking about saving money on the things to do in Jerusalem, you could look for offers and promotions, which are very usual there. Starting from food and up to group excursions, you will find dozens of attractive prices.


Have you ever been to Jerusalem? Tell us what other interesting things to do in Jerusalem you are aware of in the comments below!

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