Tutoriale de make-up și totul despre cosmetică

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 Articole despre Cosmetică și machiaj: 


There is no doubt that well shaped eyebrows can change your entire face. The professionals know it that is why they promise you perfect eyebrows in their beauty salons. If you want to save some money and have perfect eyebrows in the same time, Womens-Diary brings you some useful recommendations:

  1. The correct shape

You are not a professional and you don’t want to screw things up from the very beginning. This is perfectly ok, so for the first time, in order to reach that perfect eyebrows form, you do need to go to a professional. Ask her to explain what she has done, which zones you need to avoid and how to maintain the shape.

  1. Choose your favourite method

Obtaining perfect eyebrows is possible through several manners, using the tweezers or waxing. Nevertheless, if you want to do it at home, we advise you to stick to the tweezers, since it is easier to commit mistakes with the wax.

  1. The necessary instruments

You have probably noticed in the salons that, besides the classical tweezers, the stylist uses a special brush, a pair of scissors and a pencil. The brush will help you give form to your eyebrows; you will use the scissors to cut the extra length and the pencil will be useful for enhancing the shape.

  1. Mark the key points

Before starting to actually take the hair out, mark the necessary points. The perfect eyebrows should start at the point which unites the imaginary lines between the exterior point of the mouth, the nostril and the interior corner of the eye.

  1. Take your makeup off

Prepare the zone around the eyes before starting the whole procedure. After having finished tweezing, apply some cream in order to prevent the skin irritation.

  1. The tweezing technique

Once you have established the key points, you need to have a lot of patience. Don’t take too much hair out, but one at a time. Start from the interior base and continue to the exterior.

  1. Choose your mirror properly

Most women tend to choose magnifying mirrors for shaping their eyebrows. This may lead to taking too much hair out and getting too thin eyebrows.

Respect these tips and you will master the perfect eyebrows technique in no time!



Even is summer is just around the corner, you kind of feel awkward taking that minimalist clothes out of the wardrobe because of your noble white skin! Well, there is a simple and quick solution to that, called tanner, but if you don’t know how to apply bronzer correctly, stop for a minute there! Don’t rush into it before reading Womens-Diary’ tutorial on how to apply bronzer so that the final result looks like a celebrity magazine’s cover and not like a fried chicken.

How to apply bronzer step 1: exfoliate

The tanner does not go very deep into the skin, being more like a cover layer. In order to get a uniform tan, you need to get rid of all the dead cells on your skin. Use a good scrub or make yourself one from brown sugar and honey or olive oil. Pay attention at the knees’ and elbows’ area, where the skin is drier and there is a major risk of having tan stains. Exfoliate the entire body until you get that baby-like soft feeling.

How to apply bronzer step 2: apply the tanner evenly

The active ingredient in all the bronzers is dihydroacetone (DHA), interacts with the cells from the first layer of your skin. That is why exfoliation is very important. Here is how to apply bronzer evenly: apply only one single thin layer on your knees and elbows. Some tanners come as napkins, which helps the uniform application. If your tanner isn’t like that, you can use a napkin, but you may feel more confident if you did it with your hands. If that’s your case, use gloves so that you don’t over-tan your palms.

How to apply bronzer step 3: hydrate

The more you hydrate your skin, the more durable your tan will be. However, don’t apply a hydrating lotion right after having applied the tanner. Let approximately 12 hours pass before doing that. Avoid physical exercises and saunas right after this procedure, because they can remove the bronze. Try not to wear any clothes (in the intimacy of you house) right after applying the bronzer, so that you don’t stain them or find traces of the clothes on your skin.

Moreover, if you are already bronzed from the sun and just hate the bathing suit’s traces, here is a little secret on how to apply bronzer so that you get rid of the white areas: combine ¼ of tanner with ½ of body lotion and apply it evenly on your whole body. You will get a subtle sexy tan. Now you can wear any minimalist dresses or tops with no shame at all!




Pink blush is one of the all times favourite beauty box components, helping women look elegant and discreet. A too intense makeup is never a good idea because you risk creating a too vulgar image. Pink blush can transform any makeup in a fine one, as long as it is combined with the rest of the makeup graciously.

For example, if you choose a dark, mauve lipstick, a dark blush is out of the question, or your face will look like a zombie. The pink blush is perfect in this case, enlightening your face.

If you are blonde and have a light skin, than the pale pink blush should become your best friend, because it will make you look fresh and beautiful anytime of the day. The same goes if you are pale with dark coloured hair; any shade of pink blush will help you look better!

When applying the blush, especially the pink blush, you should also take into consideration if you are wearing foundation or not. If you do, than make sure you assort it with your blush’s colour and texture. Yes, texture is important, as well. The creamy blush is perfect for the persons with a dry skin. The creamy blushes have vegetal oils included in their composition, along with the rest of the ingredients, which hydrate the skin, making it look nourished and naturally beautiful. The makeup specialists recommend this pink blush texture especially for the evening makeup.

If you prefer the powder texture, than you must know that it is considered a universal product, especially suitable for the oily skin. The liquid texture or the gel blush resembles the creamy blush, but without the nourishing oils. It suits the dry complexion, with early signs of aging, offering freshness throughout the entire day.

When choosing your perfect shade of pink blush, make sure you test it thoroughly and see if it truly suits your complexion. Adjust your makeup and you will be the most beautiful girl ever!




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